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Search for Handmade Electric,Acoustic,and One-Of-A-Kind Guitars

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Why Handmade GuitarsElectric Guitar King is a guitar manufacturer located in Taiwan. Our handmade guitars are made either in South Korea or in Taiwan. Our in-house luthiers have produced some of the best sounding and most beautiful high-quality handmade guitars in the market today. The headstock and bridge designs are very unique and are easily identified. We are also building grand classical size steel string guitars that sound big and loud like a dreadnaught or jumbo. The high-quality handmade guitars incorporate a design in the side assembly that dramatically and dynamically changes the way the guitar works.

"All Solid wood. All Handcrafted. All Art Inlay Guitars" Our guitars are made form the first-rate guitar factory ! Every guitar is a living , breathing , handcrafted work of art. Each instrument will be a great musical inspiration and serve as a constant reminder of what artists can achieve. An experienced from of most elegant team of craftsmen carefully carry out each step of this labor-intensive process in a limited production workshop. Utmost attention to detail is given to each and every part of the guitar to ensure that the best performing instruments are made. Electric Guitar King has both the ability to design and consistently delivery high quality handcrafted guitars.

Why Handcrafted Guitar?

We are often asked what makes handcrafted guitars different from factory built ones, and whether they're better, and if so, how. These are good questions, but complex ones. Handcrafted guitars are not manufactured goods in the same sense that factory built guitars are manufactured goods. Each is made differently, for different purposes and different markets, and with different intent, aim and skills. Factories need to make instruments which are good enough to sell to a mass market. Luthiers need to make instruments which are successful tools for musicians. Comparing a handcrafted guitar to a factory built one is analogous to comparing a painting with a toaster: the one really needs to be judged by different standards than the other. I wish to stress that I do not wish to malign either Luthiers or factories, but rather to point out how very different their products are in spite of the fact that they can look almost exactly alike.

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Differences Between Handcrafted and Factory Built Guitars
Sound. The study of the factors involved in the production of tone teaches the instrument maker that small variations in structure in the right places can make important, specific, differences in response. Handcrafted guitars offer guitarists the best in playability and sound. A handcrafted guitar offer many more benefits than a factory built guitar and we will explore them.Because there are so many places where one can take away or add a little wood, and because the difference between "a little more" or "a little less" can be critical to a specific aspect of tone, this study takes years. This is the level of work a hand maker engages in and strives to master. Ultimately, he will be able to make guitars which are consistent in quality and consistently satisfying to his clients. The factory approach, on the other hand, cannot spend so much time on any one guitar: its entire operation is based on treating all guitar assembly processes identically. Therefore all tops of a given model are equal thickness, all braces are equally high, all bodies are equally deep, and so on. Tone in a guitar is controlled by paying attention to specific qualities in the materials. Yet, the factory's focus on treating all parts uniformly bypasses these important factors. Because dimensionally identical guitar tops and braces can be twice the mass and up to three times the stiffness of their companions in the assembly line factory guitars are, essentially and literally, random collections of these physical variables. In consequence, their sound quality will correspond to a statistical bell-curve distribution where a few will be brilliantly successful, a few will be markedly unresponsive, and most will be pretty good. To repeat: A factory work's chief priorities and focus are production, selling and delivery. It is off the mark to compare this to a concern with making a personal best at something.

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Experience tells a good Luthier things like, cross grain stiffness in a board and how thick to make a top according to how it feels or bends in their hands, or how to tap tune a top by removing wood from certain areas of a brace or two. This just doesn’t happen in a big factory. Skill and experience tell a luthier what materials to use in the making of handcrafted guitars and how to get the most out of those materials. No two handcrafted guitars are ever the same. A well built handcrafted guitar will usually have a flawless finish, which requires year of experience and practice. A lot of hand built guitars made in small shops are built by luthiers that play the guitar themselves and know what other players expect in a good set up. They know about issues concerning playability and intonation. This can make a tremendous difference. Have you ever wondered about those huge big guitar factories with all their modern computer controlled equipment? Have you ever wondered who’s really building these guitars? Sadly, it’s often hourly paid employees that are usually over worked and under paid. They’re not really guitar builders, they’re machine operators. They know how to do a particular operation on a particular part. They don’t really understand how a guitar works and many of them probably don’t care that much. So how can we expect a mass built guitar to sound as good as a handcrafted guitar? To put it simply, we can’t.

Artists who use our handmade guitars

Mr. Rainer Hofstatter from Germany
Handmade Electric Guitar Artist - Rainer Hofstatter

Handmade Electric Guitarist - Amy Su

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