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Search for Handmade Electric,Acoustic,and One-Of-A-Kind Guitars

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Handmade Guitars

Why Handmade Guitars?
There are many reasons why you would want a handmade guitar over a store bought guitars. Here’s why you might consider having your guitar built personally by a good luthier or doing the work yourself.

Custom Size
You might consider having a custom handmade guitar made if you have a preference for the size of your guitar. For example, you may require a smaller body on neck scale length due to your hand size or general preference a guitar. You may find smaller guitars easier to play. Another reason might be the weight of the guitar. Les Paul guitars for example are great store bought instruments but they are very heavy. You may require something lighter to hold and play.

If you play acoustic guitars exclusively you may have a preference in the wood that you want used in your instrument. Many guitar players have a guitar made based on a certain wood because they like the sound that that specific wood makes. This can be expensive but it can give you an instrument that is totally original and built to your specific needs. Many acoustic guitars are made with the same woods and can basically sound the same. If you want something different you may want to go with a handmade guitar.

Different Electronics and Accessories
You may require a guitar with different electronics and accessories. For example you may want a certain type of equalize in your acoustic-electric guitar or a certain type of toggle switch in your electric guitar. When you have a handmade guitar produced for you, there’s freedom to add what you want to your instrument for a unique sound.

Another reason why you might want a handmade guitar is that you’re after a very specific color scheme or look to your guitars that you can’t get with a regular store bought guitar. With a handmade guitar you can get the colors you want to meet your needs. For example, you may want a certain logo or a custom drawing or something different on your guitar to meet your individual personality.

Odd Shape
You may want a guitar that is a very odd shape that you just can’t buy at a regular music store. By having a custom made guitar you’ll get the shape and style of guitar that you are looking for. Many odd shape guitars are custom made guitars that have been built to an artist’s specifications. You may want this type of guitar so people recognize you and your guitar stands out from the rest of the crowd.

You Just Don’t Like Store Bought Guitars
You may want a handmade guitar because you just don’t like store bought guitars and can’t find something to meet your needs. A skilled luthier is going to be able to build the guitar to meet your needs so you’re satisfied playing your instrument.

There are many reasons why you would want to have a handmade guitar built.  You have a lot of options with a handmade guitar and if you’re skilled, you can even do this yourself by buying parts.


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