What’s so special about our handmade guitars?

The woodworking and inlays are so stunning while the sound is fantastic. Owning a handmade guitar by an expert luthier is an experience that every serious guitar player should have. There is simply no comparison between a factory built guitar and a handmade guitar. To really get the high quality sound, look, feel and playability that you want, a handmade guitar is the only way to go.Please refer to our YouTube clips.  . Don’t take our word for it. See what our valued Guitarists say about our handmade guitars.

Does the acoustic guitar come with a case?

All acoustic guitars come with a deluxe hard shell case that will fit and protect your guitar properly.

It is hard to buy online from a store you aren’t sure of

Everyone buys things on eBay without knowing those venders.What it matters are two things.
1. Feedback : We are also a power seller on eBay with 99.7% positive feedback on more than 10,000 responses. If you would like to know our eBay ID, we would be more than happy to tell you.
2. PayPal : We use PayPal here at Electric Guitar King like we do on eBay to make sure the transaction is secure.

What’s the difference between Classic, Dreadnought, and Jumbo?

Besides appearance, what’s the difference between the various body styles? Small bodies tend to favor the midrange and treble and are easier to hold (especially when sitting down). For example, the increased midrange and treble response of the NEX and Artist styles cut through the sonic soup of a band better than a dreadnought or a jumbo and, because of the smaller body, feedback less through sound systems. In addition, lead guitarists often favor smaller body guitars because of their balanced sound. In contrast, large bodies have more bass response. Thus, large guitar bodies, especially the dreadnought, are favored by solo strummers for their infamous boom ‘n twang. Slack key artists like the extended bass response of the dreadnought and jumbo for “slacked” tunings.

Is there any showroom in the United States?

We are sorry that we don’t have any showroom around but we do put some video clips on YouTube. Please contact us for more video clips or photos of our handmade guitars.

Shipping & Handling (S&H)

Your handmade guitar(s) will be thoroughly examined and set up by our experienced luthier before we ship it to you. We use EMS and ship worldwide. Express Mail Service (EMS) is an international express postal service. Usually you get your guitar(s) in one week. The cost of a guiar is $100. If you purchase more than two items, we combine shipping and you will save 50% OFF on shipping($50) for the second item.

Return Policy

In the unlikely event your guitar is received damaged, contact customer service for a RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number. We will arrange a replacement or issue a money return at our cost. You need to ship within the 7-day guarantee period.

How is your customer service?

We normally respond your questions in 12 hours via email as completely as possible and we have a sales person in New York to take care of all your concerns. We are the guitar manufacturer without any resellers and we are trying our best to make a deal. Our guitars are all handmade with lowest price guaranteed. Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.