The biggest doubt in your mind is probably why buy handmade guitars from us. We understand it is hard to buy online from a store you aren’t sure of.1. You need a good name-brand guitar or a good quality guitar?
The big guitar companies have channels or resellers and that’s why they mark up the prices. Since you are so used to buy guitars from the guitar shops or their online shop based by their name-brand, you are not even aware you are ripped off. Why pays for running advertisement? Why pays for those channels or resellers? A handmade guitar doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. As a guitar manufacturer, we know you only have to pay 1/3 of the price you normally pay for a handmade guitar. So why buy from us? Because you will save BIG.

2. As for the quality, we only sell high quality handmade gutiars. Quality is not just your concern, it’s our promise. Unlike factory-built guitars which are good enough to sell to a mass market, guitars handmade by luthiers need to make instruments successful tools for guitar players.

3. People like our guitars but some of them are afraid to buy them because they never hear us before. Don’t worry about this. For whatever reasons you don’t like our guitars. Return them in two weeks. You’ve got nothing to lose! Take action now and take advantage of it. You will save BIG and we believe you will like our guitars.